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Wills and Probate

Estate planning


By properly Drafting and Executing your Last Will and Testament, you are assured that your Estate will pass on only to your Intended Beneficiaries and no one else. I can help you assess your Tangible Assets as well as Intangible Assets and wealth. You can choose your Executor/Executrix who is charged with ensuring that your estate is properly distributed and that your final expenses and debts are paid. I can represent you in Probate Court during the administration of your Last Will to prove the validity of your will and finalize your last wishes. This will provide you with a greater peace of mind during your existing years.

Sometimes a Last Will by itself is not enough. If you become incapacitated during your lifetime, we can create a Durable Power of Attorney for you which allows you, the creator, to appoint another very trustworthy person to stand in your place without surrendering your estate during your lifetime. This trustworthy person that you appoint can handle your required day-to-day activities that you can no longer perform or they can also handle your financial responsibilities or both.

Sometimes you may no longer be able to make decisions regarding your own health care for yourself. Here we can help you create a Durable Power for Health Care. Your Health Care Proxy will make those decisions for you. This becomes more important when the decision involves the continuation of life-preserving medical procedures or the decision to live your final time pain free.

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