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As a Family Law Attorney in Johnston, Rhode Island, I can help if you are facing a Divorce, or have questions about a Divorce and all its implications. I often deal with issues like the Equitable Distribution of Marital Assets, Child Custody and Child Placement, Child Support, Child Visitation, Alimony, and Relocation as well as others. We can discuss your options and bring light, hope and solutions to your unique situation. It is my goal to provide you with the best representation possible. We can work together to reduce your stress and anxiety and get your life back on track.

There are many events in my life that have led me to focus my legal practice in the area of Family Law. My life experiences, both private and professional, have allowed me to develop an appreciation for the dynamics involved in any issue relating to your family, whether you are Married or Unmarried. You may have a Parenting Concern, Financial Difficulty, or a Domestic Violence problem and in need of a Protective Order. If an Adoption is your goal I can help you through the process. Whatever your needs are, we can work it out for the best possible legal solution.

"When FAMILY MATTERS, you need to call me" for:

Property Division: Your Joint Marital Assets must be divided equitably and fairly. I protect your rights and protect and preserve that which rightfully belongs to you. 

Child Custody and Placement: Where a child lives or is Placed is determined by a number of specific legal factors and the totality of each individual case. I can guide you through the application of these factors to maximize your objectives whether you are married or not. 

Child Support: The wellbeing of your child is our top priority. You child or children will receive the financial support they need and deserve whether you are married or not.

Child Visitation: You have Custody Rights as a father and as a mother to participate in the decisions that affect your child's future welfare whether you are married or not.

Alimony: In certain circumstances. Alimony is the financial support that one spouse needs and deserves from the other spouse. This support is based upon certain legal factors that the law requires.

Relocation: Freedom to move and to live and work in another State is essential to a free society. But this freedom is not absolute when it involves minor children and it must be tempered with
several legal factors concerning the child's welfare. Whether you are the relocating parent or the
stationary parent, 1 can help.

Domestic Violence: If you are a victim of domestic violence, I can help you obtain a Protective Order / No Contact Order to protect you as well as your family. If you are falsely accused of committing domestic violence, I can help defend your rights and clear your name and record.

Adoption: In Adoption the parental rights of the birth parents are terminated. Whether they are terminated voluntarily or involuntarily, I can help.

Prenuptial Agreements: Parties about to become married may first want a written agreement disposing of their assets in the event of a potential divorce down the road. You can learn more about these agreements and if it is in your best interest to make one.

Paternity Proof: When in doubt the positive Paternity confirmation of the Father will lead to clarity on child support obligations as well as Custody and Placement issues for both sides. 

Support and Custody Order Modifications: Life can sometimes take you by surprise which can place you in need of a child support or custody modification to fit existing circumstances.

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